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Leonardome consists of learning, playing and interacting based on the ideas of the genius Leonardo da Vinci: self-supporting domes. Through specially designed wooden components, you can construct a 4 metre diameter structure without using any fixing elements.

A surprising and enjoyable challenge designed for various educational levels (from infants to secondary), leisure areas and non-formal training. An initiative in which we work with geometry, but also history, art, technology and architecture.

An original and surprising
educational experience

Would you like to come with us on this exciting project?

Leonardome is an innovative educational resource that allows students to work with multiple concepts and develop skills.

Each box contains 250 pieces made from ecologically sustainable wood and a printed educational guide in which we tell you about the main characteristics of the resource and the first steps in constructing domes.

Made of sustainable wood
For all educational levels
Which form various polygons
For cross-curricular learning

A multi-disciplinary activity

Cross-curricular learning which establishes horizontal connections between different areas of knowledge/span>

  • 1
    We develop the capacity of reasoning and the power of abstract thinking. Through geometric models we can resolves problems.
  • 2
    Humanism, the figure of Leonardo da Vinci, the Codex Atlanticus... We immerse ourselves in an epoch of great geniuses!
  • 3
    The Renaissance sought beauty in nature and the individual, a return to the classical and, technically, developed perspective.
  • 4
    Based on the domes